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Regent’s Park in Winter

I happened to walk in Regent’s Park in the middle of this winter.

Deciduous plants have dropped their leaves a while ago, revealing their bare skeletons in a humble but proud way.

And there were little sparkles at corners.

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Cricklewood Community Planting / 크리클우드 지역 공동체 정원

I and my family have been living in Willesden Green / Cricklewood area for about 5 years now.

There is a nice sense of community here in north west London and I take great pleasure to do something to make this area more green.

Funded by NorthwestTWO Residents Association, I have been doing some planting in a bare ground near Cricklewood station. Although this area is right next to busy pedestrian paths and Cricklewood station, nothing much has been growing in it.

나와 우리 가족이 윌스던 그린 / 크리클우드 동네에 산 지도 벌써 5년째다.

런던 북서쪽에 위치한 이 동네에는 작은 마을 공동체 같이 살기 좋은데, 요즘은 내가 이 마을을 조금 더 녹색으로 만드는데에 재미를 붙였다.

지역 주민 협회에서 후원을 받아, 요즘 크리클 우드 기차역 근처 노는 땅에다가 이것저것 심고 있다. 많은 사람들이 지나다니는 길 옆에 있는 땅인데 아무것도 심겨져 있지 않은채로 놀고 있는 땅이다.


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Silly Gardening with A Good Friend / 좋은 친구와 바보같은 정원일

There is rarely a better thing than spending time with a good friend.

Nothing has to be said much, just occasionally little jokes and,

checking each other is fine.

좋은 친구와 시간을 보내는 것 보다 더 즐거운 일이 있을까.

그다지 말을 많이 하지 않아도, 이런저런 시덥잖은 농담과,

잘 지내냐는 안부로 충분하다.



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Single-Flowered Camellia

I recently found this single-flowered Camellia in Boma Garden Centre, located in Kensal Rise.




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Autumn, Ideal Time for Planting

Autumn is the most ideal time for planting because of many different reasons.

Firstly, the soil is still warm but moist from the frequent autumn rain. Roots will have enough time to ‘grab’ the soil before winter and really be able to get going from next spring. Plants will make themselves comfortable in the soil, have good sleep during winter and wake up happily in spring. For those reasons, I don’t like planting in spring. The soil is still wet and cold and plants are not ready for it.


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Autumn Colours

A garden changes constantly.

Whatever done to a garden is temporary. A gardener’s work is helplessly temporary interruption. The big flow always comes.

Autumn is here in London.




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Plants for Pollinators

Recently, I designed a garden for one of my customers.

And she said, ‘No’.


Her feedback was that she would like to plant indigenous plants that would flower and be beneficial for the wildlife, especially for pollinators.

I completely agree with her. Somehow, I got carried away with the looks of the planting and missed the bigger picture I wanted to always remember.

Perfect Plants for Pollinators

RHS has been delivering the message of wildlife-friendly gardening for many years and providing useful information. The above is a link to a list of plants that RHS believes to be beneficial for pollinators. And it’s free to download.

Now, I am back to drawing again to revise my plan.

Drawing Gardens

There are many different aspects in gardening.

The simple joy of feeling a space smoothly sinking into the soil is hugely addictive. If there are plenty of earthworms in the soil, I quickly cover them with soil before the Robins spot them. There are always one or two Robins around me whenever I start working on the soil. They are every gardeners’ friend.



Today, I am drawing gardens at home, while my daughter is taking her nap.



I love Daphnes and Raspberries. I love imagining them flowering and fruiting.

I don’t know whether the gardens I draw will indeed happen. However, that’s not important.

Imagining them is.

Beginning of Autumn / 가을의 시작

Signs of autumn are becoming more and more obvious in London.

The light level during the days is less intense in terms of heat but richer in density.

After the fullness of summer, now it is time to let go of things, gradually and gently. Small particles of memories will remain, somehow imperfectly but personally.

런던에 가을 색이 점점 짙어진다.

낮 동안의 햇볕은 열이 식었고, 더 풍성해졌다.

여름의 차오름이 지난 지금, 이제는 천천히, 그리고 조용하게 보내야 할 때 다. 기억의 편린들은 불완전하지만 개인적은 형태로 남을것이다.


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